Repairing a Cracked Marble Floor in Your Home

When the marble starts to crack caused by pressure or other reasons, it will degrade the style and luxury of your home. Nothing looks worst than a discolored or cracked marble floor.
One of the major reasons for marble damage is that optimal care was not taken when performing the installation of the marble on the sub-floor. When you are going to install marble be mindful about this step.

You need to take good care about deep cleaning the sub-floor flawlessly and also ensure that the floor is flat all through the installation area. It is important that when the floor is not clean and flat, the marble plates will never be capable to hold a tight grip on the floor. Furthermore, some gaps or air space under the surface will make the marble crack much faster when they are under pressure. In this situation cracks might open up even due to weather transition. And you may have nothing to do about it. That is why you need to take this step very carefully otherwise the marble must be reinstalled.

Another major factor behind the crack is the poor quality grouts. If you don’t use high-quality grout to cut costs, it may eventually loose its adhesive durability and can deteriorate the marble. In cases like this too , you might need to perform marble restoration and you must purchase new set of marble that match the texture and color tone of the previous marble .

When such problems occur, you must contact a reliable marble company in Delray Beach to do that for you. You can ask your neighbors to discover a local marble restoration company. Ensure that you hire a reliable marble restoration company to repair your marble in your home.

If you are trying to do it yourself, you must have required materials and tools marbles for replacement, chisel, Quality grouts, tar paper, polishing machine, and many others.

As the initial step must pull out the cracked marble, you also need to move out the surrounding marbles to get the replacement done flawlessly. You will need to take a proper care not to deteriorate the neighboring marbles when pulling them out. Then clean the sub-floor deeply and ensure that no grout or dirt is left over and the installation area must be flat.

The process looks easy and simple but hazardous and that is why many homeowners leave this job to a marble restoration company that you can find at They have all the required tools and practical knowledge to get the job done properly.


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