Put a Teak Buffet Sideboard on Your Bucket List!

Since coffee tables come in different materials, teak coffee table is considered as the best to opt for. Besides, metal, rattan, and glass are other options commonly used. Before settling into other materials, take into considerations like how long you desire the table for last? How often you will able to clean the table and many more.

Teak is the most popular choice for many furniture including coffee tables. It proves a traditional yet timeless material available. Luckily, if you cannot afford to buy this, there are a wide range of wood materials you can take into consideration as well. Some alternatives also offer similar combination of durability and beauty as teak at a lesser price.

The Best Wood Alternatives to Teak Coffee Table

The main benefit of teak wood is that it’s a solid wood that come with natural oil to protect from fungus, pets and weather. High cost is the only drawback to teak generally because of its inadequate availability. Alternatively, you can pick other solid woods that mutually look great especially for wooden furniture.

Let’s see in detail what best wood alternatives to teak coffee table that enable you to low-down your budget. First is Acacia wood. This is named as another variety of hardwood commonly used for coffee tables. You can use it if your budget is extremely low.

Next, there is Eucalyptus wood that’s natively from Australia. It is known as the koalas’ food. It produces oil that generally used for beauty and health products. It is assumed as an outstanding hardwood and able to last up to twenty five years with the elements untreated. By choosing it for your coffee table, you can save the cost significantly instead of choosing teak coffee table.

Furthermore, there is Shorea wood. It is natively from Southeast Asia and India. Similar to teak, it also has natural oil content that makes it resistant to insects and rotting. It has golden color looks like a teak and sometimes heavier. It means it has higher solidity due to the tighter particle.

As mentioned above, it is possible to get considerable savings if you can’t afford to buy teak wood for coffee table. You can save more money without too much sacrifice in term of wood quality as they are also durable and attractive. Teak coffee table is still the best option. However, if you want to save money by choosing those options, you will not be dissatisfied with your verdict.


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