No Doc Mortgage Loans

First time home buyers mortgages and various mortgage lending programs available for residential mortgages, foreclosure loans, bad credit mortgage refinance, and debt consolidation. No doc mortgage loan, no income verification, no documentation option available based on your credit history. Bad credit borrowers welcome to apply. Our mortgage officers work with every financial situation to secure the best loan and the most affordable mortgage interest rates for you.

Buying your home for the first time? Do you know that you may be eligible for 100% financing (no payment down) even if you are a first time home buyer or may not be able to document income. Read below if you can get pre-approved for a no doc mortgage loan and to determine if you qualify for a first time homebuyer no payment down mortgage.

Home Equity Mortgage Refinance Loan – Home Equity Loans – Refinancing Your Home

Taking out a mortgage to refinance your home depends on several factors including how long you plan to be in your current home, how much lower is the new interest rate for refinancing, closing costs, and other factor such as cash-out refinancing.

A home equity loan (or line of credit) refers to a second mortgage loan that lets homeowner turn equity into cash, thus, allowing homeowner to spend the money on home improvements, refinance, remodeling, debt consolidation, college education or other expenses.

No Doc Home Equity Loan

Refinancing your home? Need to take money out for remodeling, buying new car or pay for college education? Do you know that you may be eligible for 100% home refinancing (no payment down). Read below if you can get pre-approved for a no doc home equity mortgage loan.

Apply for Home Equity Lines of Credit for Your Home Improvement

Improving your home with remodeling or relocating can be quite costly. The difference is that the money you borrow to spend on home improvement is reinvested into your house. If finance wisely the interest on the payments from your home improvement loans can be tax deductible.

According to the American Homeowner Foundation, you can expect the cost of moving to be at least 10% of your current home value. So, if you can accomplish a home improvement for less than 10% of your selling price, then, it makes more sense to just stay put and remodel your home.


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